Sandy Spring Financial Scholars Program

Paint Branch High School EverFi

By Sandy Spring Bank

This year marks the fifth consecutive school year that Sandy Spring Bank has partnered with EverFi to deliver the Sandy Spring Financial Scholars Program. This free, web-based financial literacy program has reached more than 13,250 high school students in seven counties across the region. Through this innovative partnership, students in 34 high schools have completed nearly 60,000 learning modules, dedicating roughly 43,000 hours to financial literacy.  Students get hands-on lessons about real-life financial needs, such as establishing good credit, saving for retirement, or paying student loans.

The Sandy Spring Financials Scholars Program continues to deepen relationships between Sandy Spring employees and educators through various in-school engagement opportunities.  Bank employees have the opportunity to be directly involved in the program by visiting local classrooms to teach financial literacy and lead interactive activities to help reinforce the skills the students have learned in the Sandy Spring Financial Scholars Program.

“While teaching the Sandy Spring Financials Scholars Program, one of my students purchased a previously owned vehicle for the first time and approached me after his purchase and told me he used what I taught him to finance the car, and to purchase insurance.  He told me if it were not for the class, he never would have understood how it works and what to do,” said Michael Diamond, Business Teacher at Paint Branch High School.

As a community bank with deep local roots, Sandy Spring Bank recognizes that financial competency is not only an essential life skill, but it is also important to building strong communities.  Sandy Spring values its partnership with EverFi, the area school districts, and the teachers who bring the program to life for their students.