Q+A with Sandy Spring Insurance

Todd Ellis

By Sandy Spring Bank

For more than 15 years, Sandy Spring Insurance has been delivering comprehensive insurance solutions and superior client service to individuals and businesses across the region.  Sandy Spring Insurance President, Todd Ellis, shares his insights below on what people should consider when evaluating their insurance coverage and needs.

Tells us about Sandy Spring Insurance?

Sandy Spring Insurance (SSIC) is an independent, full service agency that works with each client to design a unique program that fits both their business and personal insurance needs. As a subsidiary of Sandy Spring Bank, we work closely with our partners across the organization to seamlessly and efficiently deliver our banking and insurance services. Our experienced professionals will discuss your needs, review your current insurance policy, and offer expert advice on coverage. We are your local one-stop-shop for banking and insurance!

What do you wish more people knew about their personal insurance coverage?

Most people would benefit from having a more thorough understanding of  what is covered and what is not covered on their current homeowners or auto insurance policy; cheapest is not always the best. Our goal is to guide our clients to the best coverage that fits their lifestyle, and to ensure that they are clear on the details of their policy. 

What are some ways you work with individuals and businesses?

SSIC takes the time to get to know you and your business to assess your needs. When we review your current insurance program, we will not simply re-quote your insurance; our focus will be on tailoring a program that will minimize claims, reduce your personal risks and protect against potential exposures.

How can you help businesses and individuals avoid vulnerability?

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to identify any potential risks.  Insurance can be complex, but our team of insurance professionals is here to help.  With an average of 20 years of knowledge and experience in advising clients, our team is well positioned to deliver the insurance solutions you need.

When it comes to commercial insurance, what are business owners often surprised to learn?

By simply working closely with your insurance agent and understanding what protection you need, you will be able to save money over the long term.  Business owners should also remember that their insurance policy should not be “set it and forget it.” As your business grows and evolves, your insurance needs may change (e.g., hiring employees, adding vehicles, renting or buying office space, adding equipment, etc.). Conducting a regular and/or annual review of your policy will ensure that you are properly covered. Focusing on price and not coverage could put your company in jeopardy in the event of a claim. Our staff has the knowledge and resources to offer solutions to effectively run your business.

Are there special considerations that a small business should keep in mind when evaluating their insurance needs?

Having multiple brokers or switching brokers each year denies you the opportunity for long-term strategic planning. By working with our agents that know your business inside out, and observing your claims trends from year to year, we can help you decide how to prioritize your needs to create a strategic and comprehensive plan for your company.

What is different about SSIC?

SSIC is different from your typical agency, in that we have a partnership with Sandy Spring Bank that allows us to deliver a unique and informed understanding of the client’s total financial picture. At SSIC you will find all the products and services that you would traditionally find at larger institutions, but we deliver it one product and one client at a time.


No extension of credit from Sandy Spring Bank can be conditioned on your purchase of an insurance product from Sandy Spring Insurance or your agreement not to obtain an insurance product from an unaffiliated entity. Sandy Spring Insurance Corporation, a Maryland corporation.